John Bissett


My work is primarily concerned with the interaction and integration of colour, shape, line and texture: the facture of the paint surface. I see my paintings as being firmly grounded in the tradition of European abstraction, e.g. Poliakoff, Hoffman, de Stael, Tapies, Lanyon and Hoyland – and I happily acknowledge their influence and inspiration. The thematic and atmospheric content of the paintings, the interplay of visual elements and “subject matter”, are always intended to imbue in the viewer a notion of well being, of life enhancing resonance.

The sources and references regarding imagery are many and diverse – landscape, the sea, nature, the weather, architecture, found objects and surface, historical events, machines, symbols and emblems – the list is open-ended.

The titles are specific to the origins integral to the development of the paintings: an event, a poem, a character, a ship, a bird, a place or a train. Hopefully the viewer will find that this (perhaps cryptically) enriches their engagement with the work. There is no comment on contemporary issues or events.

Simply put, these paintings are about feeling and experiencing the “good”. That is all.

John Patrick Bissett
September 2013